Your partner for turn-key manufacturing solutions: Engineering, Materials, Fabrication, Integration and Assembly

DABS delivers quality precision machined parts and assembled components fast -- where and when you need them.

fixturing & tooling

Get the right tool for the job. Let DABS engineer and build your unique tooling and fixturing at competitive prices.

Engineering & 
Custom solutions

Solve manufacturing and assembly challenges in big ways with expert advice, engineering, and custom-solutions, including lean precision machining, data analytics, and end-to-end manufacturing supply chain management.

Products & Materials

​HTMS (a DABS M&A LLC Co) supplies specialty aerospace products & materials, including titanium, bearing metals, refractory metals, alloys, as well as a full line of rivets, bushings, nutplates, and bearings.

HTMS also offers a complete line of aerospace quality sealants, silica aerogels, scintillator crystals, single crystals and sapphires, as well as custom ceramics, ceramic machining and substrates.

Manufacturing, Integration & Assembly

Specializing in aerospace manufacturing -- precision machining, fabrication, systems, integration, assembly and kitting of commercial and military aircraft and spacecraft parts and components.