"DABA provides some of the fastest turn-times for precision parts manufacturing & assembly in the Pacific Northwest ."


  • A winning combination of lean, six-sigma process improvements and technological innovations to automate machines, allowing people and machines to work harmoniously for greater efficiencies and quality
  • Inhouse mechanical engineering and programming for rapid design and prototyping, and design of custom tooling and fixtures
  • One-on-one consultation with manufacturing experts and engineers for large and complex manufactured components and assemblies
  • In-house, temp controlled inspection room with state-of-the art equipment, inside 11,500 sq ft manufacturing facilityKey location near a mature supply chain and domestic / int’l rail, air, and sea shipping 

332811 Metal Heat Treat
332312 Fab sheet metal Mfg.

332812 Metal Coating, Engraving
333120 Construction Machinery Mfg.
333131 Mining Machinery & Equip Mfg.
332999 All Other Miscellaneous Fab. Metal Mfg.
333514 Tool, Die and Fixture Mfg.
333515 Accessories for metal cutting and forming machine tool Mfg.


  • Fast precision manufacturing and assembly of actuated flight control components, including push-pull and torque tubes and rod ends
  • Fabrication and assembly of high tolerance / complex small to mid-sized structural sub-assemblies
  • Installation of all fastener types, bushings and bearings
  • Riveting, boring, honing, reaming, swaging/ Orbital swaging
  • Specialty fixturing and tooling to customer-specific requirements and specifications
  • Nyloc and custom locking nuts
  • Supply Chain Management, Engineering and Reverse Engineering
  • Advanced Raw Materials, including hard metals, ceramics, substrates, aerogels, and crystals


  • Mill turn/machining of toleranced hard-metal parts
  • Actuated flight controls - tubes, rod-ends, bearings
  • Complex assembly, swaging, riveting, forming, latch assembly, structures
  • Lean manufacturing and technical solutions to complex assembly processes



NAICS Codes That We Support
Machining, Fabrication and finishing

333517 Machine Tool Mfg.
333419 Other Elect. Component Mfg.
541330 Engineering Services
541614 Process, Physical Distribution, and Logistics Consulting Services
423510 Metal Services/Merchant

332710 Machine Shops
336412 Aircraft Engine and Engine Parts Mfg.
336413 Other Aircraft Part and Auxiliary Equip Mfg.
336415 Space Vehicle Propulsion and Parts Mfg.
336419 Other Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Parts and Auxiliary Equip Mfg.

332991 Ball & Roller Bearing Mfg.
332510 Hardware Manufacturing

​​​DABS Manufactures close tolerance machined parts and components for Defense, Space, Commercial Aircraft, and other industries using any number of materials including aluminum, steel, titanium , ceramics, and other alloys.

DABS turns raw materials into "end-complete" finished and assembled products that meet or exceed industry standards.

DABS has access to some of the highest quality metals and raw materials in the world through High Tech Materials Solutions - a DABS M&A LLC Co.